Nightstand: Homeward Bound

Knitting for Newbies: Summer Saturdays!!

I’m excited to announce that the Knitting for Newbies class series will be continuing this summer. Summer Saturdays kick off Saturday, June 15th from 9:30-10:30AM. Our first project will be baby leg warmers! Class size is limited so reserve your spot today by emailing For additional information  (more…)

Table Linen Dress Tutorial


Lately, I’ve been inspired by Betz White’s work in up-cycling. When I ran into this dingy old table linen at a local vintage store, I thought, “hey, I can make my two year old wear this!” I’m only half kidding, of course. The adorable embroidered daises were too much to pass up! I bought it, sent it through several rounds of OxiClean (that stuff is amazing!), cut a hole in the middle, and voila! –a cute dress or smock for a toddler. It was really that simple. Here are the details: (more…)

Happy Mother’s Day!

DSC01579Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful mama’s out there. I hope you had a bellini in bed, a day at Spa Castle or as my mom still sometimes says, just “a moment’s peace.”

I’ve always loved this picture of me with my mom. Love it even more now that I have two kids of my own. On the icky days when no one naps and everyone is grumpy, I don’t know how she ever did it so gracefully with four kids. Thanks, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day! Xx

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