Nightstand: Homeward Bound

Oh, I don’t know, there’s just something about this quote that got me, “[New Domesticity] is . . . the young mom who, after her too-short maternity leave, decides to try to make extra money selling her knitting on Etsy rather than go back to work.”

Matchar sets out to pinpoint why so many educated and professional women are deciding to “opt out” of the workforce and stay home. She looks at the growing trends of twenty and thirty somethings who romanticize the past and who look to revive the lost arts of homemaking, crafting, sustainability and attachment parenting.

Living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, perhaps the mecca of the CSA’s loving, baby wearing, artisanal and hand-crafted crew, this book is very close to home! And, as someone who decided to stay home rather than go back to work, I look forward to finding out what Matchar concludes.

If you like, read along and let me know your thoughts!



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