Heard: Keeping hair knot free!

While playing at the park yesterday, I noticed a big ratty knot taking over my daughter’s head . . .

I don’t know how I overlooked this on our way out the door (maybe it was the crying baby in the stroller while I frantically searched for the keys?!!). She hates it when I comb her hair because I inevitably have to yank, yank, yank (ever so tenderly) to free the knots. I noticed our toddler friends had shinny, smooth hair.

MT – “How do you keep your kids hair tangle free?”

AG – “I brush it all the time, in the morning, before and after nap. Oh, I also condition. You have to condition.”

MT – “Hmm, I’ve tried that but someone hates it when I brush her hair. That’s why we usually have it up.”

AG – “Keeping it up is a good idea. Have you tried a leave in conditioner, I hear it helps.”¬†

AA – “Yeah, you can’t have her running around with matted hair. That’s something teachers start to raise their eyebrows at.”

Were we potential candidates for a future CSS visit? I didn’t want to find out. I ran into the local drugstore and purchased¬†Loreal Kids Tangle Tamer. So far, sooooo smooth. How do you keep your little ones tete tangle free?


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