Heard: How did moms ever make it without television?

As some of you already know, I’m married to an IT Consultant who unfortunately, has to work very long hours. With two kids under the age of three, I often wonder, how are other moms doing it? Do they have extra help? Do their husbands get home by 5pm every night?

The three of us (the kids & I) do pretty well most of the day. But, problems tend to rise during nap and bedtime. If I put the baby down first, its crucial that I have the toddler safely occupied (as in, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on TV!). Sometimes the toddler barges through the door, “I need more milk!!!” or “Mom, are you done yet?!” Then, sleepy baby is wide awake and we’re back to square one. The other option is to put the toddler down first, but this usually backfires because baby cries like crazy and the toddler gets all but thrown into bed  . . . which never truly works for settling into sleep. So, the boob tube is my little helper.  I can’t imagine our routine without it. When I ask my friends what they do, they often tell me something similar. TV is the magic key to an easier evening or nap time.

On the playground, I asked, “How did moms ever make it without TV?”

A – They just told them to go outside and play. 

M – Maybe they had more family around to help out? 

A – No, they just fended for themselves. It was a different time then. 

T – They put them to work! 

I think of my grandmothers, who each raised eight and nine children in the 1950’s and I’m very thankful for the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show. What tricks do you use to help out with your nap and bedtime routine? 

Photograph by:  Leonid Mamchenkov


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  1. Michelle Irizarry
    May 3, 2013 at 1:27 pm (5 years ago)

    I feel the same and totally agree. My hubby works in IT and the hours are long! He doesn’t get home until 1 am so nights are always just me and the kid and 2 dogs. Always a juggling act but the tube definitely helps! Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is in the air at our house in the evenings.


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