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5 Easy recipes for homemade baby food

pureeWant to feel like a supermom for the day? Here are a few easy recipes for baby purees. Just peel, steam, puree and save money!!! While we almost always grab squeezie purees (Happy BabyPlumElla’s Kitchen) on the go, those little suckers can cost two dollars a pop!

Peach, Raspberry & Apple: Steam half of a peeled peach, half of a peeled apple and handful of raspberries. Puree. Cool and serve.


Happy Mother’s Day!

DSC01579Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful mama’s out there. I hope you had a bellini in bed, a day at Spa Castle or as my mom still sometimes says, just “a moment’s peace.”

I’ve always loved this picture of me with my mom. Love it even more now that I have two kids of my own. On the icky days when no one naps and everyone is grumpy, I don’t know how she ever did it so gracefully with four kids. Thanks, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day! Xx

Spotlight: The Nine, Jill Oulman

I’m so excited that my good friend, Jill Oulman agreed to guest blog this week! Jill is a Fertility and Marriage Therapist out of Denver, Colorado. Her practice focuses on helping individuals navigate through the emotions involved in conception, pregnancy, motherhood, infertility, post-partum and grief and loss. Ten years ago (yikes, gasp!!), we used to work together in the fashion industry in NYC. I asked Jill to give us  a few thoughts on TTC and infertility . . . Thank you, Jill!! Xx

“Even though our brain knows that fairy tales aren’t real, we often hope and dream for the perfect man, perfect home, perfect baby, our own happily ever after.  But what happens when a baby is part of your dreams but not your reality?  (more…)

Do or Don’t: Kiddie Pedicures

What do you think? Are toddlers too young for pedicures? 


I honestly just thought it was a way to get some one-on-one time with my daughter. Since her brother has arrived our time has been shared. So, what better to do on a Saturday afternoon than take a “girls trip” to the nail salon. (more…)