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What to Wear Where . . .


Stripe spaghetti tank dress, American Apparel; Sunglasses, Illesteva; Scarf, Jcrew, Leather tote, Madewell; Mirror band sandal, Loeffler Randall

This is more or less my uniform for all kid events. Although, my shoes are not as flashy as the Loeffler Randalls, my sunglasses are dull with scratches and my scarf usually has bits of MumMum hanging from it. I do, however, always, always have my arms up in a sexy pose like this model.

Trend: Coachella Crowns

Oh, how life has changed. It’s 9AM and I’m rocking my son to sleep for his first nap, after all, when you wake up at 5:45AM, 9AM feels like afternoon. Good time to check in on Coachella. Loving the crowns!


flowerheadband2 copy


Since, sadly, I’m no longer in my twenties, I think a flower crown would look far better on my daughter. I’m adding it to my “make” list. Check out blog Lines Across for tutorials on how to make felt flowers.


J’amie Ann Mashburn!

If you haven’t already, check out this out. My husband was the one who actually turned me on to Ann Mashburn. She was a birthday present in the form of a very generous gift certificate. I love, love, love the way they merchandise their line. Liberty scarves, T-Rex vinyls, copies of Wuthering Heights all tucked in next to a perfectly tailored shirt. I’ll be sporting the popover this spring!


Find: Tribal for Toddlers

Tribal print! Bedford Avenue can’t get enough of it. Let your little one get hip with these organic duds from Studio Bundis, a Swedish designer available on Etsy. Click here for Etsy store link. Or, better yet, let it inspire you to make it at home!