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Trend: Coachella Crowns

Oh, how life has changed. It’s 9AM and I’m rocking my son to sleep for his first nap, after all, when you wake up at 5:45AM, 9AM feels like afternoon. Good time to check in on Coachella. Loving the crowns!


flowerheadband2 copy


Since, sadly, I’m no longer in my twenties, I think a flower crown would look far better on my daughter. I’m adding it to my “make” list. Check out blog Lines Across for tutorials on how to make felt flowers.


To all my newbie knitters . . .

A few of you have reached out asking for advice on where to purchase yarn for our upcoming class. If you’re new to knitting, I recommend visiting a store to touch and feel the yarns. It will give you an idea of what you like for future purchases (online or in-store). Click “More” below for a quick & dirty list of my online and local faves:


Dianne’s Knitting Tip of the Day

My mother-in-law, Dianne, is an excellent knitter. She’s responsible for starting my knitting obsession over six years ago and she continues to inspire me with her creativity. Last night, she gave me a little tip, which I’d like to share with you . . .

Try knitting scarfs up a size in knitting needles in order to achieve a better drape. For example, if a yarn suggests using US size 8 needles, try using size US 9 instead.


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