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J’amie Ann Mashburn!

If you haven’t already, check out this out. My husband was the one who actually turned me on to Ann Mashburn. She was a birthday present in the form of a very generous gift certificate. I love, love, love the way they merchandise their line. Liberty scarves, T-Rex vinyls, copies of Wuthering Heights all tucked in next to a perfectly tailored shirt. I’ll be sporting the popover this spring!


Find: Tribal for Toddlers

Tribal print! Bedford Avenue can’t get enough of it. Let your little one get hip with these organic duds from Studio Bundis, a Swedish designer available on Etsy. Click here for Etsy store link. Or, better yet, let it inspire you to make it at home!


Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcake Recipe

DSC00564About once a month I meet up with three college friends. We all moved to New York City around the same time eleven years ago. So much has changed in the past decade; boyfriends, breakups, job promotions, weddings and babies, but they remain constant friends. As usual, Steph hosts an amazing dinner. We usually all chip in by bringing wine, goodies, wine and more wine. For our get together this month, I brought Chocolate Hazelnut cupcakes (and wine, of course!). I made these based off of a Martha Stewart recipe but tweaked it a bit. Thought I’d share with you. Click “more” to read the recipes:


Dianne’s Knitting Tip of the Day

My mother-in-law, Dianne, is an excellent knitter. She’s responsible for starting my knitting obsession over six years ago and she continues to inspire me with her creativity. Last night, she gave me a little tip, which I’d like to share with you . . .

Try knitting scarfs up a size in knitting needles in order to achieve a better drape. For example, if a yarn suggests using US size 8 needles, try using size US 9 instead.


Little Elfin Hat

Little elfin hat  Keep your little loved one warm and cozy in our elfin hat. This is a quick and easy project for a chilly day or a last minute gift. Project details below:


Two skeins of Bulky Alpaca Wool blend. We used Blue Sky Alpacas in Frost and Polar Bear (100 grams in weight, 45 yards). Knitting needles in US size 15. Clover Pom Pom maker in size large which can be purchased here.

Makes one hat for 6 to 12 month old.

Cast on 38 stitches in Frost.Little elfin hat

Row 1 – K2, P2

Row 2 – P2, K2

Row 3 – K2, P2

Row 4 – P2, K2

Rows 5 through 7 – Work St St in Frost

Row 8 through 12- Introduce Polar Bear (white), Knit continuing in St St for 4 rows.


Knitting for Newbies @ Caribou Baby

DSC00461Want to keep your little one warm and cozy? Come join us and learn to knit a snuggly blanket for your baby. In this course, you will learn the knit and purl stitches, how to cast on and bind off and how to block your blanket for a finished look. Your favorite pre-crawler is welcome and encouraged to join us during the lessons. It’s a playdate for them and a how-to for you!

Required materials:

  • Three to four skiens of a soft, wool blend yarn of your choosing (preferably around 100 grams in weight, 45 yards in length. I like Blue Sky Alpacas which you can purchase here). For a color block blanket, pick three to four different coordinating colors of yarn.
  • Straight or circular knitting needles in the size appropriate for your yarn and guage. For example, if using a 100 gram yarn use size 15 US needles. Recommend circular knitting needles with a 32″ or 36″ in length.

Sign up here! http://www.cariboubaby.com/collections/classes-and-events

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