Shorts! Like New!!

new shorts

Someone’s favorite leggings were ruined last week in a tumble. My daughter’s eyes got real big when I pulled out the scissors and snipped off the bottoms of her pants. I hope she doesn’t get any grand ideas! With just a few more weeks of summer, we may be able to eek out a little more wear.

Using the zigzag stitch on my sewing machine, a “lettuce leaf” edge was created by pulling the jersey leggings as it was stitched. I narrowed the stitch length (.9 on my sewing machine) for a tighter hem. Volia! Shorts! Like new!


Nightstand: Dad is Fat


I’m in the middle of this book and I love it!! Here’s a small passage from Dad is Fat that reminded me of my kids and made me laugh,

What amazes me is that once they [toddlers] actually learn to walk, they are immediately trying to get away. You just say, “Time for bath!” and they scoot away like they have (more…)

What to Wear Where . . .


Stripe spaghetti tank dress, American Apparel; Sunglasses, Illesteva; Scarf, Jcrew, Leather tote, Madewell; Mirror band sandal, Loeffler Randall

This is more or less my uniform for all kid events. Although, my shoes are not as flashy as the Loeffler Randalls, my sunglasses are dull with scratches and my scarf usually has bits of MumMum hanging from it. I do, however, always, always have my arms up in a sexy pose like this model.

5 Easy recipes for homemade baby food

pureeWant to feel like a supermom for the day? Here are a few easy recipes for baby purees. Just peel, steam, puree and save money!!! While we almost always grab squeezie purees (Happy BabyPlumElla’s Kitchen) on the go, those little suckers can cost two dollars a pop!

Peach, Raspberry & Apple: Steam half of a peeled peach, half of a peeled apple and handful of raspberries. Puree. Cool and serve.


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